Indian ‘Ripple future’ scam: Losses in excess of 300 million INR

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August 6, 2018 by
Indian ‘Ripple future’ scam: Losses in excess of 300 million INR

Cryptocurrency has obtained large appeal lately. This has, in a manner, boosted the variety of crypto rip-offs as well. This time, it’s India’s turn, where a fraudulent crypto investment company named ‘Ripple future’ has managed to scam thousands of crypto lovers to loot 300 million INR!

Two men, who tricked 1800 people into investing their crypto, were nailed in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The Indian authorities stated in a press release that the two men convinced individuals that they were based from UNITED STATES. They provided compelling returns of 300% to the financiers within a time span of 250 days.

Both males are determined as Gaurav Aneja from Ghaziabad, and also Nelson Lobo from Mumbai. They created plans where individuals were permitted to purchase crypto in an everyday and regular basis. The police officers have signed up a situation versus both under ‘Cheating and Criminal Breach of Count On’ of the Indian Penal Code.

As for the Indian High court is concerned, they are yet to come to a clear final thought whether to earn cryptocurrencies lawful for profession. However, the regulation commission has actually mentioned,

” The Regulation Payment acknowledged that the use of Cryptocurrencies in on the internet betting is a frustration for police. Probably, therefore, Compensation did not differentiate in discussing VCs together with other e-modes while making common governing procedures.”


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